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Racing on rectangular platforms!
In the world of RectRacer, you can design your own levels and compete with your friends in a fun and exciting race on rectangular platforms with four game modes: Solo, Simple Play, Online and Party.

  • Solo mode features a level editor, playable tours and levels and a competitive score listing.
  • Simple Play is a game mode which brings infinite gameplay.
  • Online mode introduces level sharing, and realtime multiplayer (coming soon)
  • Party mode brings Versus mode and Marathon mode where up to 10 players can play together and compete locally.

Enjoy the race :)

Is it free?
The game is made with love and the first version will be entirely free to play.

Is this the "game of the year" 2016?
No. This is our first game on steam greenlight and we would love to see your feedback. It's nice to see creative levels designed with few resources. We are open for suggestions.

What languages does the game support?
English, Dutch, French and Norwegian. Any suggestions?

Originally posted by Michiel:
We are a young game studio from the Netherlands. This game is made custom tailored using our own C++ engine (audio, graphics, networking, UI elements, translations).


rectracer_setup_v1_05.exe (5 MB)


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Version 1.05: Backwards compatibility update

Version 1.04 is available now!

It contains general fixes.

Version 1.02

- Fullscreen Mode added

- Disco background will now remain after moving from basic block
- Disco background color is now blended with background

Version 1.01 is available now!

It contains general fixes.